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Coffee Buzz is a time-management game that puts you in charge of a coffee shop
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Coffee Buzz (a version of "Coffee Rush" rebranded for Yahoo! Games) is a time-management game that puts you in charge of a coffee shop. The story takes place in a city where Smokestack Coffee's owner is carrying out an evil plan: dominate the coffee business by making cheap coffee and selling it at high prices. Your objective will be to open up new coffee stores and try to drive Smokestack out of business. For that, you need to work hard and overcome a series of daily goals.

The game goes basically like this: customers arrive to the store, you prepare their orders, serve them, and collect your money. The idea is to serve them fast so that they leave you bigger tips. Each stage presents a daily money goal that you should reach in order to level up. This, of course, should be accomplished within a certain amount of time, otherwise you will need to replay the level. This goal increases from level to level, so be prepared for a LOT of action.

To prepare the orders, you need to make matches of three or more of the same ingredients, by swapping tiles on the board. This addition of match-3 gameplay makes the game a lot more dynamic and fun, avoiding, in a way, the monotonous point-and-click system that is so typical in time-management games.

As for the customers, they are varied, with distinctive personalities. They are too expressive as well, so if they don't get their orders on time, they just leave the store very upset. As the game moves on, new and more demanding customers will appear to complicate things a bit, but you will also have the aid of bonus pieces and power-ups that you can use to upgrade orders and maximize customers' patience to increase the tips. Also, with the money you collect you can buy upgrades for the store and treats to serve your customers.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Expressive, hilarious customers
  • Great graphics and music
  • Three skill levels
  • Fun and addictive!


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